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Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Part 2 is known as Strategic Financial Management. It is 4 hours’ exam requiring you to solve 100 MCQs in 3 hours and 2 Essay Questions in 1 hour. CMA Part 2 has six sections:

  • Section A – Financial Statement Analysis – 20% weightage
  • Section B – Corporate Finance – 20% weightage
  • Section C – Decision Analysis – 25% weightage
  • Section D – Risk Management – 10% weightage
  • Section E – Investment Decisions – 10% weightage
  • Section F – Professional Ethics – 15% weightage


Zain Academy offers the CMA Part 2 Study Guide and CMA Part 2 Exam Questions. CMA Part 2 Study Guide 2023 is presented with the questioning mind approach, contains the true false questions and essay questions with answers. The study book is focused, concise and effective for working executives smart learning. It can also be used as CMA exam review, or flashcards or summaries.

CMA Part 2 Question Bank contains the challenging questions for brain of higher IQ level. It contains explanations of all answer choices so that candidates can learn from their mistakes and take the necessary course of actions.

Communicate with us to get the sample of CMA Part 2 Study Material in PDF for free.

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